How to set up your team booking page

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Setting up a Team in Leadmonk for Managing Team Appointments

Pre-requisite: Before creating a team, you must have created an organization in Leadmonk and invited team members to join the organization. 

Leadmonk provides a feature to create teams to manage team appointments. You can create a team and get a unique team scheduling page and link. The team booking page acts as a personalized booking page for the team, and invitees with the link can access and choose from meeting types based on their needs. The team booking page also allows you to distribute new events to team members easily.

Only the owner and admin of the organization can create teams. Additionally, only the Org owner, Org admin, and team admin (team manager) can create, view, or delete team event types and manage team appointments.

Creating a Team in Leadmonk

To create a team in Leadmonk, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Leadmonk account and navigate to the "Booking Pages" page. There click on 'Manage' button under 'Team pages' section as shown below (highlighted in red color box).

  • You see "Create Organization or update subdomain settings to create Teams" message as shown below if you are not part of any organization or the organization is not yet created in your account. If you are owner (or Admin), click on 'Manage Organizations' button (highlighted in red color box) to navigate to Admin management page to create the organization.

  • If you are part of the organization and you are either owner or admin of the organization, then you see an option to create team pages as shown below.

  • Click on the "+Create" button to create a team page.


  • Enter the Team Name (this will appear on your team scheduling page).
  • Update the Team Page URL. This URL has to be unique within the subdomain (you can find domain info in the "Info" tab of the admin management page).
  • Assign team members from the org to the team. Here you can specify a team member as the admin of the team who will have access to create and manage team event types that appear on a team page and add or remove members from the team.
  • Upload a Team Avatar. This will be the image that shows on your team scheduling page.
  • Specify the Welcome Message.
  • Specify the title for the Team Page.
  • Click the "Create" button to create the team.

You can click the edit icon (highlighted in red color) on the team page to update the details, or delete the team using the delete icon (highlighted in green color). Only team admin, org owner, and org admin can modify or delete the team. You can display team booking page by clicking on 'page' button highlighted in pink color box.

Once you have created the team, you can share the team scheduling page and link with invitees who can book appointments based on their needs. The team admin can manage the appointments and distribute new events to team members easily.

Check this help page to know how to manage team event types on team booking page.

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