How do Text Message credits work? How to purchase them?

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How do text message credits work?

Text message notifications help you to reduce no-shows and keep meetings top of mind to your invitees. Not only you can set multiple reminders at different intervals but also you can specify channels such as email, SMS/WhatsApp to send reminders to your invitees. At the time of appointment booking, your invitees can specify whether they want to receive appointment updates as SMS or WhatsApp message.

Text Message credits (SMS/WhatsApp) can be purchased at any time. You pay for text message credits as you purchase them. Once you've purchased text message credits, they are immediately available for use by every User with a Leadmonk Team License (Centralized billing for the team).

Text Message credits are deducted per SMS/WhatsApp notification sent. Prices per segment vary by country. The below table has details on the message credits usage per text message country vise.

Message credits usage per SMS/WhatsApp message
United States
United Kingdom
Rest of Latin America

Can I customize SMS notification templates?

Yes, you can customize SMS notifications as per your requirements. You can also make use of default SMS templates to send appointment notifications. There are SMS templates available to use in the following 4 event stages - Appointment booked, Appointment rescheduled, Appointment cancelled and Appointment reminder. You can customize any of these templates to send it to organizer or attendee. 

You can also make use of workflow feature to customize email and SMS templates.


  • Custom SMS templates can lead to carrier dropping the message in certain countries such as India.

Customization of WhatsApp notification message templates is not available as each templates has to be approved by WhatsApp before the use.

What is the requirement to make use of text message notifications?

You have to be on Leadmonk professional plan and above to make use of this feature. This feature is not available for users on free plan.

How can I purchase text message credits?

Text message notifications are purchased in packages of credits. You can purchase SMS/WhatsApp credits in your Leadmonk Account in the Leadmonk -> Billing and Subscription page. We have one uniform pricing for both SMS and WhatsApp notifications.

You get 50 text message credits per 1 USD. The validity for these text message credits is 12 months from the purchase date. 


  • Text Message credits are not eligible for a refund. 
  • 1 text message credit is NOT equal to 1 SMS/WhatsApp message. If you take $5 credits, and the price for one segment is $0,02, you will be able to send 250 segments. The number of segments used for one notification depends on the number of characters and special characters in the template. 
  • A standard SMS is one that is 160 characters or less in length. SMS notifications that are longer require additional SMS credits. 
  • SMS/WhatsApp credits are charged per text message notifications sent, not delivered. Leadmonk uses a robust stable network with a very high delivery success rate.

Purchasing SMS credits

As shown in the above image, your text message credits balance is displayed in the app home page [box marked in the red color].

To buy text message credits, click 'add more' button (box marked in the red color in the above image). This opens Leadmonk -> Billing and Subscription page. Here scroll down to see below shown section. 

Here you can increase or decrease amount to purchase with the help of + and - buttons. Then you click on Buy Credits button (highlighted in red color) to complete the purchase. Once the purchase is done, refresh the app page to see the latest text message credits.

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