What is Single use link?

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What is a single-use link?

A single-use link is a unique URL that is generated by an app for a specific event type, such as a meeting or appointment. When you click on the "Copy single-use link" button, the app generates a link that is unique to that event and copies it to your clipboard. You can then share the link with your invitees by pasting it into an email, text, or other messaging platform.

Unlike a standard scheduling link, a single-use link is designed to expire after someone schedules an appointment with you. This means that once an invitee uses the link to schedule a meeting or appointment, they can't use it again. This prevents them from sharing the link with others or scheduling multiple appointments with you using the same link.

How to use a single-use link?

To use a single-use link, simply click on the "Copy single-use link" text (highlighted in red color box in the below image) in your app. Then, paste the link into an email, text, or other messaging platform to share it with your invitees. Be sure to copy a single-use link for each person you want to meet. Do not use the link for group appointments, as the link will expire after the first person schedules an appointment, leaving the others with an expired link.


When should you use a single-use link?

The last thing anyone needs is unnecessary appointments in their calendar. Also sometimes you want to restrict visibility into your calendar availability to unqualified leads/prospects. That’s why people in all types of roles use single-use links to stay focused.

For example, some times companies offer a complimentary workshop to meet potential clients and review their requirements. If someone uses that standard scheduling link repeatedly, it’s harder for the companies to limit unqualified prospects’ time, and focus on the qualified prospects or customers. 

By sharing a single-use link, one can avoid spending unnecessary time with leads that aren’t the right fit.

Single-use scheduling links give you more control over who you meet with. It’s a simple way to share your availability without getting overbooked with unnecessary meetings. You can focus your time where it’s most productive — and get more results for your business. 

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