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What is Instant Scheduler?

Instant Scheduler is a powerful tool that allows you to schedule meetings with just few clicks. No more back-and-forth emails or searching for available time slots. It's perfect for busy professionals who need to get things done quickly.

When to use Instant Scheduler:

  • Cold calls: On a cold call and want to schedule a qualified call with someone on your team? Instant Scheduler is there to help. Simply enter the prospect's email address and click "Book."
  • Meetings: Wrapping up a meeting and need to schedule a follow-up? Instant Scheduler lets you do it right then and there.
  • Handoffs: Need to hand off a lead to a sales rep and schedule a demo? Instant Scheduler takes care of it all, routing the meeting to the right queue and assignee automatically.


  • Ensure you have at least one handoff router created with the ownership queue as the first queue.
  • Add a queue that processes all leads to ensure meetings can be booked with leads.
  • Consider the prospect's time zone when booking meetings.

Launching Instant Scheduler from Salesforce

Add a custom button to your Salesforce lead and contact page layouts to launch Leadmonk's instant scheduler, making it easier to schedule meetings directly from Salesforce. Make sure you pass lead or contact's name and email address to the instant scheduler link while adding custom button in Salesforce. 

Check this help page to know more on how to add a custom button in Salesforce.

URL and parameters of instant scheduler are:


Launching Instant Scheduler from Leadmonk

  1. Connect: Click the "Connect" menu in Leadmonk to open Instant Scheduler. URL of instant scheduler is:
  2. Enter Prospect Details: Fill in the prospect's first name, last name, email address, and preferred time zone.
  3. Select Handoff Router: Choose the handoff router you want to use for routing the meeting. If that drop down field is empty, then click on "Reload" icon next to that field to load handoff router(s). 
  4. Proceed: Click "Proceed" to open the Instant Scheduler interface.

Meeting Queues and Ownership

Instant Scheduler displays all meeting queues assigned to the chosen handoff router. The ownership queue checks for existing email matches in Salesforce/HubSpot before scanning other queues. If a match is found, the meeting is routed to the CRM object owner. Otherwise, the meeting is routed to the queue specified in the handoff router.

In the above example, ownership queue is selected because the lead exists in Salesforce. Owner of this lead is populated as host in the instant scheduler as shown above.

You can select any other queue (other than the queue selected by your handoff router) or can change the assignee/host within a weighted round robin as well (as shown below). To change the host, click on any team member shown as next in line.

Multi-host meeting queue selection

Booking Options

Booker have several options when scheduling a meeting:

  • Do not include me in the meeting: Schedules the meeting with the customer using the sales rep's calendar.
  • Add me as a guest: Same as above, but you're also added as a participant (guest).
  • Make me organizer and assignee guest: Schedules the meeting with your calendar and adds the sales rep as a guest.
  • Make me cohost and assignee organizer: Schedules the meeting with the sales rep's calendar but considers both your and their availability. You become a cohost.

Suggested Times

Can't find a good time slot? Instant Scheduler lets you suggest multiple times to the customer. They can choose from the suggested times or view your entire calendar for more options.

Steps to suggest times:

Step 1) Select up to any 5-7 available times as shown below and click continue button.

Step 2) If you want to make fresh selection, click on "Choose new times". To copy selected times to the clipboard, click the  button "Copy times to clipboard".

Step 3) Open your email client or editor and create a new email or compose a reply. In the body of the email, position the cursor where you want to insert the Leadmonk times. Paste the copied times from your clipboard into the email body. The pasted content will appear as a visual representation of the available times.

  • Once you have inserted the Leadmonk times into your email, you can further customize the email content or add any additional information you deem necessary.
  • When your invitee receives the email, they will be able to select one of the available times directly from the provided options. Alternatively, they can visit your booking page to view all available times and make a selection. 

Below is one sample email sent to a client.

  • After a date/time has been booked by one invitee, it will become grayed out and unavailable for selection by other invitees.
  • If invitee tries to book a time which is not available in your calendar, invitee will see below message on your booking page.

By following these steps, you can easily incorporate Leadmonk times into your email and streamline the process of scheduling meetings or appointments with your invitees.

Instead of manually scheduling a meeting, Instant Scheduler lets you specify a meeting template, assign attendees, and choose a queue. Then, instead of booking, simply generate a unique booking link that reflects your chosen settings. Share this link with your client via email or text, and they can easily book the meeting at their convenience, all with the pre-defined details already in place. No more back-and-forth emails or juggling calendars – just one click and your meeting is ready to go! 


Say goodbye to lost momentum and missed opportunities! Our Handoff feature empowers your SDRs to seamlessly connect qualified hot leads with the perfect AE at the exact right moment.

Imagine this: your SDR is on the phone with a highly-engaged prospect eager to talk to a sales rep right away. With a single click in the instant scheduler's Handoff tab, they see the next available AE in real-time. Click "Handoff ownership," and you've instantly:

  • Transferred lead ownership in the CRM to the designated AE. 
  • Sent a notification to the AE alerting them to the hot lead waiting to connect.

It's that simple! No more back-and-forth emails or chasing down schedules. Handoff puts the right rep in front of the lead while the iron is hot, maximizing your chances of conversion.

Remember, Handoff focuses on immediate connection, not meeting scheduling. Other options like booking a meeting or copying a link will also transfer ownership within the CRM when the meeting is confirmed. Handoff is your bridge to instant connections and accelerated sales cycles. 

Note: Ensure ownership queue is not selected in the instant scheduler for handoff. Otherwise you will see message as shown below.


Guests can reschedule meetings using the appointment link in their calendar invite. You'll receive an email notification about the change, and it will be reflected in your calendar and CRM.

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