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The Meetings page in Leadmonk provides a central hub for managing your scheduled meetings. Here, you can easily view upcoming and past meetings, filter them by various criteria, and perform actions like rescheduling, canceling, or exporting data.

Accessing the Meetings Page

  1. Select the Meetings menu from the top bar.
  2. Choose the Meetings menu again from the left sidebar.

Understanding the Layout

  • Admin and owners see two tabs "My Meetings" and "Meetings - All users". "My Meetings" tab shows meetings data of logged in user. Whereas "Meetings - All users" tab shows meeting data of all users part of the organization.
  • Other users don't see these tabs and they see only their meetings data.
  • The Meetings data area consists of two tabs:
    • Upcoming: Displays all meetings scheduled for the future, ordered by start date and time (closest first).
    • Past: Shows all completed meetings, organized by closing date and time (recent ones first).

Filtering and Searching

Use the available filters to narrow down your view of meetings:

  • Show active/canceled: Choose whether to include active or canceled meetings in your results.
  • Meeting type: Filter by specific meeting types (e.g., sales call, demo, webinar).
  • Attendees: Select individual attendees (organizers, guests, co-hosts) to see their meetings.
  • Tracking IDs: Apply filters based on UTM tracking parameters associated with meetings.
  • Team name: (For organizations with multiple teams) Filter by team name to see only meetings specific to that team.

Clicking on a Meeting

Clicking on any displayed meeting opens a detailed view with the following features:

  • Meeting information: Title, time, duration, attendees, location (if applicable), etc.
  • Reschedule, cancel, or mark no-show buttons.
  • Export button to download individual meeting data as a CSV file.

Meetings for Others (Owners/Admins)

Organization owner and administrators have additional privileges:

  • Meetings - All users: This tab displays meetings scheduled by all team members. This tab is shown only to owner and admin.
  • Filter by attendees: Filter by individual team members to see their specific meetings.

Meetings for Others (Owners/Admins)

Organization owner, administrators and team admins can view the respective team bookings - meetings of all team members part of that team and meeting scheduled using team event types created on the team booking page. As shown below, you can choose the team, you want to see meetings data. This option is not available to team members with user role.

Exporting Data

This page offer a "Download CSV" button to export the displayed data as a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Additional Tips

  • Use the "Clear filters" button to quickly reset all filtering criteria.
  • By effectively utilizing the Meetings page, you can stay organized, improve meeting management, and gain valuable insights into your team's activity.

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