Check why a timeslot is available when it should be unavailable

Modified on Wed, 2 Aug, 2023 at 8:08 PM

You are seeing availability mismatch on your booking page. Its showing some slots as free even though you have meetings in those appointment slots in your Google/Outlook calendar

Check the below reasons if you have not selected 'Standalone' option for availability check in event type customization of Leadmonk. The “Standalone” option lets the event type behave as a standalone calendar to manage free/busy availability instead of the connected calendar(s). 

There are several reasons why an availability mismatch may occur. 

  • One reason could be, the appointment you see in your calendar is in sub-calendar. If yes, check whether you have enabled sub-calendar availability check in your Leadmonk account. Sub-calendars support is available in Leadmonk for both Google and Outlook calendars to check availability and add appointments. Check this help page to know more.

  • Second reason could be, the appointment you see in your calendar is marked as free/tentative. Leadmonk considers events marked as free/tentative as available slots to take new appointments. Check this help page to know about advanced Outlook Calendar Settings for free/busy availability check.

  • Third reason could be that there is a time zone mismatch between your calendar and Leadmonk. Make sure that the time zone settings in your calendar and Leadmonk are the same.
  • Fourth reason could be that there are conflicting events in your calendar during the time slot you are trying to book. Check your calendar to see if there are any overlapping events during the time slot you are trying to book. If there are, you may need to reschedule one of the events or adjust the duration of the appointment.
  • Lastly, there could be a technical issue with the integration between your calendar and Leadmonk. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your calendar to Leadmonk, or contact Leadmonk support for assistance in troubleshooting the issue.

Note: Scheduled Leadmonk appointments will always be considered busy and changing the status of the event in your calendar does not free up time. You can cancel or reschedule events from the Bookings page to open up your availability.

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