Best Practices for Vacation and Time Off

Modified on Sun, 28 May 2023 at 08:29 PM

Taking time off from work is essential for rest, rejuvenation, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Leadmonk provides two methods for managing your availability during vacations and time off: using your connected calendar or adjusting your availability settings within the Leadmonk app. This documentation will guide you on when and how to use each method effectively.

Using your Connected Calendar vs Availability Settings

Leadmonk relies on your connected calendar and availability settings to determine your availability for bookings. You can choose either method to ensure you're only booked when you want to be.

1. Using your Connected Calendar

If you won't be working or taking meetings at all during your vacation or time off (e.g., lunch breaks, gym breaks, holiday vacations), it's best to put a busy event on your connected calendar. This method is faster and easier.

2. Using your Availability Settings

If you are still available in some cases during your time off (e.g., traveling for business, working irregular hours, skipping out on office hours), it's best to edit your date-specific availability within the Leadmonk app. This allows the right people to book or schedule non-Leadmonk events with you.

Using your connected calendar

Within your connected calendar, you can create busy events to create scheduling blocks for vacations and time off. 

Using your Availability Settings

  • Navigate to your Availability page within the Leadmonk app.
  • For availability override, go to "Specific Date availability" section on availability page. Click on "+New Dates" button there.
  • Then select the dates and specify work timings for those dates and click "Submit" button.


  • For your vacation or time off, go to section 'Unavailable days' on availability page. There click on "+Unavailable Dates" button. 
  • Select the date(s) you want to mark as unavailable for appointment bookings. Then click '"Submit" button.

  • Click on Save profile button to save the changes in your availability profile.


Managing your vacation and time off effectively ensures that your availability aligns with your desired schedule. By using either your connected calendar or adjusting availability settings within Leadmonk, you can ensure that you're only booked when you want to be and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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